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Uganda Buffalo/Cape Buffalo There is only one species of buffalo in Africa but four distinct subspecies exist: forest buffalo, West African savanna buffalo, Central African buffalo and the Cape buffalo   African buffalo are huge, even-toed ungulates, characterized by their stocky build and heavy horns....
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Uganda Giraffes The giraffe is a large African hoofed mammal belonging to the genus Giraffa. They are the tallest of all land animals; males (bulls) may exceed 5.5 metres (18 feet) in height, and the tallest females (cows) are about 4.5 metres. Using prehensile tongues...
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Village Tours in Uganda
Village Tours in Uganda Village Tours in Uganda are a great way to explore the local area, see the daily lives of local people and learn about the local culture. When your tour operator gives you a chance to experience the local culture, you will...
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Best of Uganda Cuisine However, Uganda is famously known for its largest freshwater lake on the continent, the source of the longest river, the strongest waterfall, the largest number of primates, and the highest number of mountain gorillas worldwide, one should note that it also...
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Lion Tracking in Uganda can be done in major three national parks that is Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and Kidepo Valley National Park.  The lion is a genus large, powerfully built cat that is second in size only to the tiger. The lion has been...
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