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Our Team

Our Team

Our Team:  For the last years Umarella Voyage Safaris has been providing an unrivalled full spectrum of business. Moreso, leisure tour and travel services that our satisfied customers will certainly attest to. We pride ourselves in offering world class service in the regions we operate. Our well experienced work team offer clients with most economical, practical and convenient tour solutions. Umarella Voyage Safaris was incorporated on 11th Sept 2019.  In fact it has received numerous awards and recognitions since date. We have established a reputation in the industry for having strong and long-lasting relationships with both our suppliers and clients.

For just nearly 4years we stand, we have opened a branch office in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. Furtermore, we have other offices in many cities in Uganda to assist and facilitate in providing tourism services. We have become a company that is trusted to handle business and other incentive activity for both group and private tours . All this is backed up by professional staffs. We serve our customers’ tours and travel needs both inbound and outbound Safaris.

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Furthermore, We are one of tour agencies in Uganda which cater to the needs of tours for foreigners worldwide, who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Uganda and East Africa atlarge as well as for business purposes for individuals and companies. Umarella Voyage Safaris’ team always performs continuous quality improvements supported by the reservation system and effective data trip management. It is a part of our commitment to keep maintaining and improving our services, customer satisfaction and confidence. Our professional team right from the CEO below is always ready to handle you. In addition,  never to worry because we handle  our clients at the time of bookings, inquires and queries.

Miss. Nakalyango Angella

She is the founder and managing Director of Umarella Voyage Safaris. She was born and raised in central Uganda in Masaka District. She went through her studies from infant to university with a dream of becoming a great entrepreneur and contributor towards tourism development. During her studies, she participated in allot of tourism development projects.  For example during her course at the University, she spearheaded a campaign on how tour operators can incorporate sustainable development practices into Tour operation. She ran and succeeded this project. Again by reaching out to almost all tour operators preaching out her idea and many appreciated it towards nature conservation. She continued to run a lot of conservation activities. More so, International University of East Africa awarded her a degree in TOURISM OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT in 2017.

After her studies she went ahead to do tourism volunteering activities. This took  three years with different successful tour operators in east Africa and beyond. She is an experienced tour guide, conservationist and as well as a tourism consultant.

An expert in organising East African Tours

Angella cannot go wrong with tourism both in Uganda and East Africa. In reflection to her experience in nature conservation. She instantly says it, “ask me about the wild and nature” she is an expert in organizing tours in all parts of East Africa ie Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. With much love and experience in tourism, many of her tourism clients testify UMARELLA VOYAGE SAFRIS’ unforgettable memorable experiences carried out, in Murchison Falls National Park and Kazinga channel, in Queen Elizabeth National Park, trekking the Rwenzori, Gorilla Trekking safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, mgahinga gorilla national park, volcanoes national park Rwanda, Virunga National Park Congo and Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale National Park, and Ecotourism at large. But all in all leaving nature conserved for you our future tourists.


Jesca Nabatanzi

 Continuing with the Administrative manager, madam Jesca Nabatanzi is the manager of Umarella Voyage Safaris .She works together with the CEOs and executives to grow their professional and personal brands. She has over 5 years of experience in tourism operations. Jesca holds a bachelor’s degree in tourism operations and management from the international university of Africa, she has a master’s degree in business administration.

She has worked as a tour guide in the past years, as well as a travel agent. Miss. Jesca has good communication skills and a proper understanding towards the clients making her successful in the field and holding the company name.

As a general manager of Umarella voyage safaris, Jesca is in charge of shaping the work environment, setting up operational strategies of the company, resource allocation, overseeing Umarella Voyage Safaris operations and building the company.


Lenna Nakujjwa

Madam Lenna is the lady behind the reservation system of Umarella Voyage Safaris. She is a born of United states of America however her parents are Ugandans by nationality. Lenna had half of her studies in the United Sates but due to love for her country she came back to Uganda in 2012 where she continued with her University studies, she was a warded a degree in TOURISM AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT. However She was challenged, but later developed too much love towards the gifted nature of the pearl of Africa, Uganda. Lenna made a lot of research to learn more about Uganda and was a warded a diploma from Uganda wildlife Research and training Institute in 2017. she has been organising several trips in Uganda Safari Packages, Rwanda Safari Packages, Tanzania Safari Packages, Kenya Safari Packages and Congo Safari Packaged for over 5years now.

She is an expert in drafting researched tour plans, so knowledgeable in proving travel information, good in handling customers and project the current and future occupancy levels of hotels and other types of lodging.


Brian (head guide)

BRIAN is the head guide of Umarella Voyage Safaris. He holds a degree in Ecology and conservation. He has been a guide since 2009. Has made allot of successful safaris and we refer you to his social media handle (Brian the guide) and see how he has successfully reached to our customer satisfaction. He has an incredible amount of practical knowledge gained from a hands-on experience in the field and the national parks. In his free time, he loves bushing up while birding on his nature and wildlife knowledge through self-study, He has a very easy-going nature and positive attitude, making him very pleasant company and always has a smile ready. As he says, “meet with nature, meet with happiness.”


Marketing manager

Mr. Derrick is a senior in executing marketing tour plans of Umarella Voyage Safaris. His strength in marketing is backed up by his bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in marketing. He says “it is a pleasure to work with such a vibrant, passionate and warm workforce at Umarella Voyage Safaris and working, as a result of team work, my work has been made easier all round ensuring my work experience matches with my work tasks. I genuinely believe a happy workforce directly translates into happy clients/guests.


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