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We are Passionate and driven.                                                                                                                                                                                         Uganda Tours and safaris: We are more interested in meeting your safari or tour desires and demands than how we benefit from your visit. We always look forward to making you feel welcome even before you set off so that you feel comfortable and at ease.

A Friendly and Experienced team
When travelling miles from home, you need to know that you are putting trust and life in hands of someone that knows exactly what they are doing. All our team staff members starting from the reservations to our safari guides are all friendly and well-trained team selected carefully by certified partners to ensure highly unique and exceptional customer services are provided. 

Fair and reasonable safari price ranges
We are here to give you a remarkable safari to your dream destination at a friendly price that targets and balances with your travel budget. This is accompanied by good guides, security for your goods, all itinerary attractions (as agreed) and standard Accommodations

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We understand how fun it is like to move as a group, we are bringing you discounted group tours. Umarella Voyage safaris is able to negotiate great discount rates on different activities and accommodations that you'd never be able to get yourself . Explore magnificent destinations of East Africa with Exclusive offers on Holiday packages. Don't forget, when you travel with this offer, you're going to save a lot of cash
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There is nothing good like traveling to a destination that you have idea about. We highly understand that most of our clients prefer learning more about the East African destinations and most of rhem are researchers and ready to learn, Umarella Voyage safaris is ready to give you the first-hand information before travelling to different destinations of East Africa, this is to bring first information before traveling for hands touched on experience. We are giving filtered and researched genuine travel information both for the country destination and the tourism destination itself. Now before selecting a destination to go to, always consult our travel information provided for a particular destination. And don’t forget to inquire in case of un answered query out of our travel articles.

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East Africa is currently one of the best tourism destinations with animals in their natural habitants (national parks). National parks represent the best of what any nation has to offer – from interesting land formations, endangered species and dynamic ecosystems, to historical artifacts and cave paintings. National parks are here to remind us of the rich diversity that our world has to offer.

Uganda counts 10 National Parks distributed in various parts of the country which include Murchison Falls National Park being the largest, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo valley National Park, Bwindi impenetrable National Park, Kibale National Park and Semuliki national park being the smallest among others. Together with East African national parks from Kenya Rwanda and Tanzania, Their national parks also harbor a wide species of mammals and birds. As Umarella Voyage Safaris, we take time to package for you the best out of these destinations in order to make your dream safari come true.

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Before Umarella Voyage Safaris packages and submits a trip to you our valuable client, intensive research is made on a particular destination to ensure the security of every activity that shall be carried out, this is because we value your trust. We provide you with tour highlights and their major locations. Umarella voyage safaris packages are drafted from the East African National Parks and mostly reaching out to your expectations and targeting your travel budget, below are the popular destinations across East African and these include Gorilla & Chimps Trekking, Birding safaris, wildlife safaris, honeymoon packages, Adventure safaris among others, “clink under Uganda tours and East African tours (African Safaris & Tours) for more itineraries in the menu above”.
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Blogs are a powerful vehicle in which we help to tell destinations’ stories so that we can build relationships with our potential visitors. This is by giving them a taste of the real experiences they could have whilst in region, rather than just ‘what to do’. Our blogs are a holistic information source for our potential tourists willing to visit Uganda and East Africa. Furthermore, this has assisted with the conversion of more visitors for these destination.