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Is Uganda safe for Travel and Tourism?

Is Uganda safe for Travel

Is Uganda safe for Travel and Tourism?

Is Uganda safe for Travel and Tourism: We have been meeting this question ( IS UGANDA SAFE FOR TRAVEL). This is everywhere even from our very clients planning to have a safari with us in Uganda.  However, there has been some circumstances that caused small insecurities like any other country. The government of Uganda has done its best to perish all the great insecurities. Therefore, the country is more than safe for travel and visits.

Since the destruction of the tourism industry by Amin in 1986.  The story of Uganda’s tourism industry has changed. The borders have gone from being locked to visitors to Uganda. It is now promoted as a thriving tourist destination. Through various means of marketing including nation branding. Uganda’s officials believe they have succeeded in their goal. More so, this goal is to help create a more positive national identity both internally and externally.

Uganda, however, still has a way to go before they accomplish their goal, the goal as an equal partner in a global community and shedding the former perception.  Morever Uganda was taken as violent, insecure and poor. Uganda is a great example of how a country can go from so much political and social strife to having a successful, booming tourism industry.

Increased tourist Numbers

Uganda is a prime example of how countries are able to increase the tourism industry in their country. They went from zero to half a million international tourists arriving in a matter of a few years. Thanks to multiple new projects and a strong governmental support to increasing the industry. They have overcome insurmountable conflict and instability in order to create a new national identity. Furthermore, promoting tourism and bringing the citizens into more of a cohesive nation. Tourism is a positive way to increase foreign investment. Even though there are still many poor perceptions of Africa as a whole. There are many countries who have a long way to go, again many who have come a long way, but overall it is getting better.

Stability of Uganda as a country is a major factor, Uganda for now a long time is a very secure country. Hence travellers’ security is guaranteed. The unique diverse attractions, Uganda’s tourist growth is also attributed to its abundant attractions. The unique mountain gorillas are one the main reasons why visitors all over the world flow into the country. Obviously to take part in Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park. and Mgahinga national parks, the country harbors almost half of the population of these creatures. They are found if one books a safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or the Mgahinga National Park.

More other national Parks

Uganda’s national parks like the famous Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth among others that are rich in wild game like the big five have become a prominent destination hub for visitors coming into Uganda. Other rich attractions include sanctuaries like Ngamba Island known for chimpanzees, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, and bird sports like the Bigodi sanctuary among others. Uganda’s diverse culture and heritage is also a major factor in her tourism growth. Examples are cultural dances and songs among others.

All the above Uganda tourism destinations are very safe for visits. Even while in the game park, there is no fear about animal stacks. The Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) has played its role by training park Rangers that are always around 24/7 to keep tourists safe for a wildlife visits. This police protects visitors to the parks that are entering unfamiliar territory to them and need some capable of guiding and protecting them while visiting the park.

Uganda is secured in all aspects.

On Addition to the above, the people of Uganda are also part of the tourists’ security. They go an extra mile to keep the strangers safe. Ugandans are so welcoming and curious about the visitors regardless of where they come from, Ugandans will go out their way to make everyone feel welcome. Ugandans love strangers, they are willing to give free help where necessary. From the time you arrive at Entebbe International Airport wherever you go, it will always be smiles on the peoples of Uganda.

In Uganda, when you welcome someone into your home, you take responsibility of their safety and well-being. It is all done in the spirit of friendliness, and welcome and friendliness are the pillars of African Hospitality and an integral part of the culture. When you visit Uganda, you’re not alone but with friends.

Conclusively, if you’re planning a trip to Africa, Uganda should be one of your first priorities. Follow Umarella Voyage Safaris’ updates on Uganda travel tips and the safest tourism destinations to visit. This will help you have the most successful safari in Uganda and possibly in Africa.

For more information on traveling to Uganda, you can contact us via inf@umarellavoyagesafaris.com or umarellavoyagesafaris@gmail.com.

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