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Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris

Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris

Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris

Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris are an exhilarating way of viewing Africa’s incredible scenery and wildlife. Horse safaris are an awesome way to see the wildlife around Uganda National Parks. Watching animals from a horse is so peaceful and a totally different experience from being on a game drive, zebras come towards you to check out the strange relative without stripes. Even the eland that is usually very shy, look curiously at the horses without running away but keeps their distance. Riding a horse means you often get the chance to see the timider animals.

Uganda is home to Africa’s tallest mountain range, the source of the world’s longest river, the continent’s largest lake and unique wildlife. Immerse yourself in the traditional Ugandan culture as you ride through Uganda’s local villages, pristine farmlands and picturesque plantations. Discover wild Uganda with horse rides through misty jungles in search or rare primates and colourful birds.

How many kilograms does a house carry?

The horses here can carry a person weighing 100kg, .Although some horses can’t carry more than 85kn, please do not be offended when you are told to weigh yourself. But it is for the good of the horses to keep in good shape and strong backs

The most popular Horseback riding safaris in Uganda are Lake Mburo National Park and Source of the Nile in Jinja

Horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is located conveniently close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda. It is the smallest of Uganda’s savannah national parks and is underlain by ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks which date back more than 500 million years. It’s home to 350 bird species as well as zebras, impalas, elands, buffalos, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, leopard, hippo, Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris, hyena, topi, and reedbuck.

Horseback riding in Lake Mburo national park is an activity provided/offered by Mihingo Lodge. The horses used are excellent Horses and Spanish saddles.

Wildlife viewing on a horse ride

This activity in Lake Mburo national park has made the park a popular tourism destination among tourists. It is the only national park in Uganda that organize horseback ride. while carrying out horseback riding, it takes 3-5hours on the horse ride to access this savannah park.

If you get a chance to see wildlife from the back of a horse, it is proven to be the most incredible experience watching giraffes, giant eland, waterbucks, zebras, Topi, impalas, Duikers, Bushbucks, park’s vegetation and its beautiful scenery and birds making your safari a memorable one.

The Horseback riding safari is an exceptional activity that can be carried out any time of the year though the best time is during the wet season which is the month of May, October to November. During this season the park receives heavy rainfall which leads to plant growth, therefore, during horse riding you find a lot of animals grazing.

Riding around Hills and Valleys

Having a horseback riding safari brings another aspect to your safari. It gives you a chance to ride around hills &Valleys and along the lakes of the park. Umbrella voyage Safaris is always ready to take you through this amazing experience however you don’t need to be an experienced rider because the safari is a safe-secured guided tour.

Don’t hesitate to inquire from us about a horse ride Safari in Uganda.

Horse Ride at the Source of the Nile-Jinja

Horse Riding in Jinja - Umarella Voyage Safaris
Horseback Riding in Jinja

Uganda is the source of the River Nile – the world’s longest river from where the Nile starts its 4000-mile journey to the Mediterranean sea through to Sudan and Egypt. The source of the river Nile is located in Jinja about 1,5 hours from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

Jinja is a hive of many other touristic activities for anyone interested in a weekend gateway from the bustle of the city including all-year white water rafting, Kayaking, Jet boating, bungee jumping to kiss the Nile, Squad biking, horse riding by the shores of the Nile, etc.

Exploring villages on a horse Ride

The horse riding safaris in Jinja offer an opportunity to explore more about the banks of the famous River Nile. During this safari, you will be able to explore the African villages around the Nile banks, and the cultures and also provide a unique panoramic view of the surroundings and the cool breeze from the river.

The Horse ride safari in Jinja is always accompanied by two guides one Infront and another following behind and this is to prevent accidents and uncertainties. The horses in Jinja are very calm and trained and have nothing to worry about during a safari.

Guidance to have the best horseback ride Experience

In order for you to have a memorable horseback riding experience, it all depends on where you will be and under which climatic condition you will be riding and all these require adequate planning and appropriate packing.

Riding trousers

For the best horseback riding experience, you will need comfortable riding trousers or rather jodhpurs plus half-leg chaps that will make you ride for long hours. If you are planning to ride from one of the western countries, then you will need jeans or normal trousers. They should be waterproof. However, the challenge with jeans is that they tend to cause some pain especially as they rub against the stirrup leather. You will need at least 2 pairs of trousers. Other clothing includes a cotton scarf, riding pants, padded bike shorts, long-sleeved cotton shirts, a vest,

 First aid kit

Don’t forget the first aid, carrying this kit will help you in the case have some basic remedies, especially antihistamines, cold remedies, painkillers, antacids, and others. You may also come with anti-diarrhea, and water purification tablets.

Riding helmet

Whereas the packing list may differ from one country to another, it is advisable that you don’t miss to include a well-fitted riding helmet or hat in your packing list and this should be in line with the up-to-date standards, especially the British or European Union standards. For starters, you may find helmets at the destination but the challenge will come in when you don’t find any that fits you. Your helmet should be lightweight and offers you that total comfort as you ride.


If you are planning for a horseback riding tour in your destination of choice, riding footwear should be a must for you to have. This will help offer you safety as you ride and most importantly, you need boots/shoes that are perfect for you to walk in case it means for you to walk along your horse for some time and shouldn’t be only for riding. They should offer support to your ankle as you ride or walk.

 Other extras

You will furthermore need riding gloves, personal toiletries, waist handy bag is also important for you to pack your camera and some small items while riding. You will as well need a spare battery for the camera, insect repellents especially DEET can be preferable, a head torch, a bottle of water, a travel thermos, sunglasses, binoculars, portable battery pack, a travel adapter, a seat saver and others.

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