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Booking Safari Holiday to Murchison falls National Park

Booking Safari Holiday

Booking Safari Holiday to Murchison falls National Park

Booking Safari Holiday to Murchison falls National Park: MURCHISON FALLS NATIONAL PARK (the world’s most powerful waterfalls)
This park lies in the northern end of the Albertine rift valley where the sweeping Bunyoro escarpments turbors into vast palmed wood land savannah. It was first Gazeted as the game reserve in 1926. Murchison falls national park is not only Uganda’s largest conservation area but also the oldest. Hosts over 76 species of mammals, 451 species of birds.

This world’s famous protected area of great and wonderful nature is loved. More so, the most visited by the some of the iconic people of their time. From as far as back their existences to the present from royalty to the world leaders. And other loving celebrities have visited this park. Murchison falls national park gives the ultimate treat after treat. It has activities that you would explore for the entire week and still not get tired of it

The Name Murchison Falls.

The park derives n its name in early 1952 the parliament which was sitting in London. Furthermore, it was during colonial time in acted law to gazette this place as national park. The park derives its name from the spectacular Murchison falls. Moreover, which was on Victoria Nile which bisects the park into two sides
Once referred to as Kabalenga national park, this protected area was named after the thunderous Murchison falls the strongest waterfalls.
In 1970 During the Idi Amin, the name of the falls was changed to Kabalenga falls.  Furthermore, it was automatically changed to Kabalenga national park. However, after Idi Amin the name which was in the constitution revamped back.
Murchison falls conservation area is the largest Uganda’s conservation area covering 5072kmsq. This contains the Murchison falls which covers 3893kmsq and its among the best birding sites with 451 species of birds with one of the endangered species the shoe bile stork

Booking Safari Holiday to Murchison Falls National Park.

After booking your Murchison falls national park safari holiday, accessing the park should be easy. Murchison falls national is about 305km from Kampala or Entebbe. Murchison falls National Park is accessed by both air and the road. There several airfields that are established in the park to accommodate visitors. Especially those who prefer taking flights to Murchison falls national park. The most known airfield in this park is Para airfield. Where you take the flight from Kanjansi airfield to Para to Murchison falls national park. However, it  takes 45-50 minutes which saves you 4-5 hours you would have endured on the road

What is the best choice to access Murchison Falls for your Safari Holiday?

The journey to Murchison falls national park both by air and road has advantages and disadvantages. Before booking safari holiday to Murchison falls national park, or running into conclusion about which travel means you will take while on your Murchison falls safari holiday, kindly look through a better choice. If you have a lot of time to embark on your holiday safari, road would does you no harm. No matter of the fact it’s the best option you can have, the option gives an opportunity to enjoy the country scenic views along the drive. This also includes the Luwero triangle, en-route visit to ziwa Rhino sanctuary. You should know that when planning your holiday, the drive is much cheaper option compared to booking a flight to the park.

Flying to Murchison Falls National Park.

This is ideally the best option for travelers having a short time to spend on a holiday to Murchison fall.  For example having less rhan three nights. Flight to Murchison falls national park departs from Kanjansi airfield. It is by aero link which is about 45-50 minutes to Para airfield in Murchison falls national park.

By Air

Aero link is the company licensed to carry and operate flights internally in Uganda. Flying to the great Murchison falls national park offers you the ultimate beautiful aerial views of the park. You also get a chance to view Kampala city, The air craft really fly low which offers you a chance to enjoy aerial views of savanna grassland. While on your Murchison falls national park safari holiday
The view is blended with spotted shrubs and the major highlights.  For instance the Murchison falls, river Nile as you make it through the Para airfield. This is where you picked up and driven to the place of accommodation

Best Time to visit Murchison Falla National Park for Your Holiday Vacation.

Having chosen your safari holiday to Murchison falls national park, the dry seasons from June to October is the best time. It is when you have to go for a safari holiday to Murchison falls national park. However, remember the peak season belly from July to September. The beginning of January through the end of February signals the warmest and easiest period in the region.

This means wildlife is in shorter supply due to the start of the rainy season. More so, the flooded roads and generally wet weather. This time makes it poor for game viewing while on Murchison falls safari holiday. In addition, its combined with slippery roads, mosquitoes are also much more prevalent during rainy season. June sees the start of dry season with low water levels and river banks leaving with wildlife. Here you’re able to observe elephants, buffaloes, water bucks, Uganda Kobs, hippos, crocodiles, birds while on your adventure boat cruise at the bottom of the falls.

Murchison Falls Safari Holiday Costs.

The costs of a safari holidays to Murchison falls varies with the number of people traveling at that time. Again, the time of travel (season) the type of package desired the number of people
And the number of days to be spent on safari to Murchison falls
The number of people traveling to Murchison determines the costs of package in the way. For example the more the people in group the lesser the costs per person. Likewise the smaller the group the more the costs per person charged. This theory of pricing is based on costs shared person such as transport, room sharing and so on, with many people having to share given costs this lowers the price for big group.

Types of Safari to Murchison Falls National Park.

There are three types of the safari packages you can opt while pricing your tour to Murchison falls according to your budget. This are divided into luxury, midrange and budgeted type of safari packages.

Luxury Safari Holiday

With luxury, you enjoy a safari holiday to Murchison falls within first class accommodation facility/lodges within the ranging from 300- 600 used per person for a night of full board. Luxury package comes with full time transportation in 4*4 land cruiser through your safari.

Mid-range Safari Holiday

A midrange safari package to Murchison offers you an experience to wilderness of Murchison falls national l park and the magnificent Murchison falls national park with accommodation in midrange/ medium lodges with in the park charging from 150 USD- 300 USD per person per night on full board and transportation in safari van /land cruiser

Budget Safari Packages

A budget safari package to Murchison falls national park comes with accommodation on safari van and the budget ranging from 150 USED or less on full board per person per night.
Number of days spent on the tour on Murchison falls national park
This is quite evident number of days you choose to spend on your safari to Murchison falls will determine the costs of your vacation

Time of Travel To Murchison Falls Safari Holiday.

There are two season to travel in Uganda for safari holiday to Murchison falls. There are low season and high season. The high season in Murchison falls are composed of many visitors, dry month, with scattered or no rain falls at all. Higher season in Murchison falls national park starts in June up September but also December to February is part of the higher season although these are not excellent months consider the annual.
During the high season, booking prices are high due to the high demand of visitors plan their travel in the time.
Low season on Murchison falls are composed of poor months with rain falls and sometimes mosquitoes

Where to stay in Murchison Falls National Park 

Low, visitors during these period booking prices are low and is good time to get yourself a good deal for safari holiday to Murchison falls national park
There are a variety of lodges and campsites in Para sector and near the banks of re river Nile in Murchison falls national park. some have high prices according to your budget which provide ultimate experience while viewing Murchison falls river and plenty of wildlife while enjoying hotel premises
Early in the morning as soon as you wake up your ready to explore Murchison falls nationals park no need of entering any gate or anything like that so catching the early morning game drives and evening boat cruise at the bottom of falls and hike the top falls. There is no need to travel for long distance because you’re staying within the park.

Activities in Murchison Falls National Park.

There are many activities you can participate in on your tour to Murchison falls national park safari holiday

Game viewing / Game drive

While on game drive safari around the Murchison falls national park in the Nyamasika plateau you will have the interesting views of wildlife spotting like solitary cape buffaloes, Rothschild’s giraffes, Uganda Kobs, hartebeest, elephants and water bucks are commonly seen. You may also spot Oribi, Bushbucks, Bohor red buck, shy Sitatunga, bush duiker, warthog, and bush pigs plus carnivores including lions, leopards and spotted hyena
Chimpanzees and olive baboons head the list of six primates found in the park.

Boat Cruise along River Nile in Murchison Falls National Park And Hike to The Top of the Falls.

After your game drives you take the afternoon boat cruise on river Nile on the bottom of falls. while on your boat cruise you will see hippos, crocodiles, water bucks and wide variety of birds like unusual shoe bile stork
After your boat cruise you will take hike to the top falls, the boat stops just ten meters from the “Devil’s cauldron”. From here you will disembark and take hike to the top of falls.

Birding in Murchison Falls National Park.

Murchison falls presents with 451 species of birds with the of rare shoe bile stork, you while go birding in different parts of Murchison falls national park like birding along the Nile with boat cruise and top of falls presenting with species like Egyptian geese, goliath heron, pied kingfisher, African skimmer band many more. Booking Safari Holiday

Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest.

On your trip to Murchison falls you can undergo chimpanzee tracking in budungo forest giving you chance to interact the closest relative of human being in the forest while doing birding and nature walk.
You can still participate in many activities like fishing, white water rafting and community visit.

Book your trip trusted tour operator and enjoy the ultimate experience of the Murchison falls

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