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Mid-Range Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mid-Range Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mid-Range Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mid-Range Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park: Nestled within the mesmerizing landscapes of Queen Elizabeth National Park, a selection of mid-range lodges offers a delightful blend of comfort and affordability. These lodges serve as a harmonious oasis for travelers seeking quality without compromising their budget. In this article, we’ll navigate you through the locations, pricing, and exceptional services provided these mid-range lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge:

Location: Lake George

Set gracefully along the shores of Lake George, Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge promises a charming and budget-friendly experience. This lodge is near Kahendero Fishing Village and was born out of love for nature and animal preservation. Engage in guided game drives and boat safaris, or unwind beside the inviting pool – all curated to enhance your experience within the park.

Enganzi Lodge:

Location: Kasenyi Sector

Discover the inviting allure of the Kasenyi Sector at Enganzi Lodge, where mid-range travelers find a welcoming retreat. The lodge’s uniqueness is derived from the sprawling and breadmaking view of  queen Elizabeth national park as viewed from our cottages patched on the rift valley. Enjoy guided game drives and cultural interactions, all while being embraced by the lodge’s warm hospitality.

Bush Lodge:

Location: Mweya Peninsula

Occupying a prime spot on the Mweya Peninsula, Bush Lodge offers an accessible escape with stunning vistas of the park. The lodge’s inviting rooms provide a tranquil haven, inviting relaxation. the lodge also offers a safari camp which is affordable and authentic. Expect a great outdoor safari atmosphere, a close to nature experience with excellent food and friendly service.

Marafiki Safari Lodge:

Location: Kyambura Gorge

Discover a unique mid-range haven near the Kyambura Gorge at Marafiki Safari Lodge. The lodge extends from Lake Edward in the southwest to Lake George in the northeast with the Kazinga channel connecting the two lakes. Engage in guided chimp trekking adventures, relish in the gorge’s captivating views, and immerse yourself in an authentic safari experience.

Buffalo Safari Lodge:

Location: Near Kazinga Channel

Buffalo Safari Lodge is located near the magical Kazinga channel, 1km off Kasese-Mbarara road. Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda. Each room has been designed to make the most of the spectacular views of the surrounding landscape from every angle as well as offer a cooling retreat from the scorching savannah heat of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Park View Safari Lodge:

Location: Kyambura Gorge

Situated in the vicinity of the Kyambura Gorge, Park View Safari Lodge captures the essence of mid-range luxury. The lodge’s comfortable rooms offer a retreat in nature, providing a seamless blend of comfort and affordability. Engage in guided chimp trekking, savor the scenic gorge, and relish in the lodge’s warm hospitality.

In conclusion:

Queen Elizabeth National Park’s mid-range lodges offer a harmonious balance between comfort and affordability. Whether your heart yearns for lakeside serenity, sweeping savannah landscapes, or the allure of Kyambura Gorge, each lodge provides its unique experience. These accommodations exemplify that experiencing the park’s splendor need not come with a hefty price tag. As you plan your expedition, these mid-range lodges stand ready to offer you an exceptional and budget-friendly passage to the wonders of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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